The WordPress plugin seamlessly integrates AdGrid’s header JS, enabling the exposure of tags, categories, post ID, post type, and more via the adgridConfig window object for precise GAM targeting. It complements users employing Adgrid’s Programmatic solution. For access to the complete ads solution, please contact [email protected].

Download Plugin from here.


The Adgrid plugin is designed for WordPress domains, facilitating the easy addition of the AdGrid header JS and exposing various values such as tags, categories, post_id, post_type, etc. on an adgridConfig window object. This functionality enables users to employ GAM targeting effectively. It serves as a complementary plugin for those utilizing the Programmic solution from Adgrid. For a comprehensive ads solution, please contact [email protected].


  • Download the zip from the above link and add it to your plugins.
  • Go to the Plugins page and activate the plugin.

Frequently Asked Questions

After installation, locate the “Adgrid” setting within the dashboard’s Settings menu. Here, you’ll find a form to input the adGrid JS and toggle switches to activate desired Key-Value Pairs (KVPs) for transmission.

To have Adgrid JS working in a Headless theme, insert the Adgrid JS between the head tags of your site, expose values on the window object, and Pass them on GAM targetting automatically.

To pass KVPs from the site to AdGrid JS, key values should be exposed on the window object variable like below.
Key1 and Key2 are the demo key names. You can use any variable as you like, the variable name will be targetting GAM as the Key name.

window.adgridConfig = window.adgridConfig || {} window.adgridConfig.kvp = window.adgridConfig.kvp || {} window.adgridConfig.kvp.key1 = ['value1','value2','value3'] window.adgridConfig.kvp.key2 = ['value1','value2']

Please contact [email protected] to get an account and the corresponding AdGrid JS script.

Contact [email protected] to register your domain/domains and access Adgrid services.

Simply deactivate and delete the plugin.