Is Brand Safety Racist?

Every year the Adops person at a publisher goes through tackling the latest ad tech trends in the advertising industry. Whether it was creating viewable inventory on your site, managing GDPR/CCPA compliance, figuring out IVT and now the latest trend, is your site/content brand safe? Advertisers also talk about investing in Black or BIPOC media but based on Brand Safety rules these “black lists” now more appropriately termed negative keyword lists, are hurting minority publishers…
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How Publishers Can Stop Wasting Money on Ad Tech

I’m going to take you on a little trip back in time. Because sometimes, we need to look at where we’ve been to see where we’re going. During the Wild West days of the Internet, blog sites now referred to as publishers, became all the rage. Big advertiser dollars were spent to reach the highly engaged user consuming all of this blog content. Companies like Federated Media, Say Media or Blogher did the job of…
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