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The Voices™ Marketplace Launches To Empower All Diverse Populations

NEW YORK, January 3, , 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Voices™ Marketplace has recently launched to solve the problem of scale in multicultural digital advertising. Too often, media investment strategies rely on endemic properties or minority ownership status alone, ignoring the reality that multicultural individuals live multi-dimensional lives.

Using proprietary, data driven methods, The Voices™ Marketplace  is able to effectively align with BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, & Hispanic audiences, the way these individuals live their lives, through their media consumption lifecycle. 

“We have seen tremendous interest in brands wanting to not only target diverse audiences but help contribute moving dollars to minority publishers. Too often though, scale challenges result when minority publishers are exclusively relied on to reach a specific audience. AdGrid.IO, a publisher first platform, has faced this issue head on and are excited to be supporting The Voices™ Marketplace .  Brands can increase reach by targeting publisher audiences beyond their endemic sites which increases spend which ultimately helps minority publishers. It can be a win-win for advertisers and publishers if advertisers are willing to go outside their normal buying practices. Unfortunately we have seen a trend of consolidation of buying platforms which ends up hurting smaller, many times minority publishers. ”

– Michael Bendell, Co-Founder AdGrid.io

This overall holistic strategy provides The Voices™ Marketplace Advertisers with key advantages, including the ability to authentically align with diverse populations at scale in an evergreen manner, which ultimately results in greater brand recall, lift, and eventual online and in-store sales.

“One of our Goals of The Voices™ Marketplace  is to empower all diverse individuals and populations. We have made progress within the BIPOC and Hispanic communities, but more needs to be done to empower these populations year round, authentically. We do feel it’s a major gap that LGBTQIA+ populations have largely been left out of this movement and equation to date. We plan to also begin changing this with Voices™”  – George Mani, Co Founder, Co-CEO, Infinity Partnerships. If you are a publisher or advertiser and interested in participating in the Voices™ Marketplace please contact [email protected]   or [email protected].